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About Us is an exclusive and stimulating site that lists a multitude of New, Gently Used and Refurbished Items that include everyday items to one of a kind, unique heirloom creations that you will not find anywhere else in the world. We specialize in gold, diamonds and previously loved jewelry including fine estate jewelry. Additionally, you will also find just about everything found in a big box store to your local store and you can accomplish your purchase in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

We offer superior customer service and seamless transactions compared to other online stores. Our unique variety of merchandise and personal customer service will provide you with a satisfying shopping experience and with exceptional value.

We have been in business for over 30 years, and we pride ourselves on a long history of excellent customer service. The fun and exciting part of purchasing from is that we love to deal, although we try to list at the best price, however you can always make an offer, just keep in mind others are bidding as well. After all you know what your willing to pay, and we know what we need to get.

We need to make sure you know the rules of the site. Please, read the description we provide carefully, we take great pride and time to make sure we have listed the item accurately.


We offer 100% satisfaction on ALL ITEMS for 7 Days after you receive the item, except for “AS IS.” We want to make sure you love the items you have purchased. We have thoroughly tested and described the item, if we missed something or an item is not working correctly, we will gladly accept a return on the item.

As Is

When an item is posted “AS IS” there is NO WARRANTY on that particular item. This will either mean that the item is on clearance and there is nothing wrong with the item, or possibly there is an issue with the item. Either way we will describe the item as accurately as possible describing any issues. Therefore, we do not accept RETURNS on NO WARRANTY / “AS IS” items for any reason.

No Shipping – In Store Pickup Only

Exactly what this means, this usually indicates that the item is either too big or too heavy to ship. Obviously, we would like to ship everything but in some instances the shipping is more than what you would be paying for the item. Although, some customers are willing to pay, most are not. If you would like to inquire about shipping costs, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to share that information with you.

We purchase insurance on almost all shipments. We take pride in our packaging of your merchandise, however there are times where items could be damaged in shipping. If this happens, either do not accept the item, or please take pictures and document the package as you received it, and as you unpack the item. This will expedite your return and give us information to take to the shipping company.

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